Welcome to my list of books and films about Bigfoot, the abominable snowman and other hairy humanoids and mystery primates from around the world. The nonfiction is listed first, followed by fiction. Scroll down the page to skip past the nonfiction books and look at documentaries, novels and fictional movies about these monsters.

Raincoast Sasquatch: Bigfoot & Sasquatch Evidence from Indian Lore by Robert Alley. A large catalog of various sightings in the British Columbia region of Canada, plus southeastern Alaska. Includes pre-conquest folklore, present-day sightings, and even some stuff that sounds like crude jokes. Bigfoot! : The True Story of Apes in America by Loren Coleman. A detailed anthropological examination of the case for an unknown primate in North America, it tells the history of Bigfoot hunters and the Bigfoot craze, from ancient Indian folklore to today's Internet.
The Field Guide to Bigfoot, Yeti and Other Mystery Primates Worldwide by Loren Coleman. This cryptozoology guide describes many hairy humanoids from around the globe, and also give a history of the beliefs surrounding each of these creatures. Find out when the yeti, skunk-apes and other varied cousins of Bigfoot were "discovered", who investigated them, and the quality of the evidence to suggest that these creatures might exist. Bigfoot Exposed: An Anthropologist Examines America's Enduring Legend by David J. Daegling. This careful and thoughtful debunking of Bigfoot is everything that The Making of Bigfoot by Greg Long is not. It lists all the good reasons that scientists have for not believing in Bigfoot, and it is also a good view of the Bigfoot fad through the lens of folklore.
Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us by John Green. This 492-page classic work contains most of the information that anyone would want to know about Bigfoot or the sasquatch. Field Guide to the Sasquatch by David George Gordon & the Society of Cryptozoology. This slim guide contains only the most popular stories and briefest descriptions. Contains maps of sighting locations.
Manlike Monsters on Trial: Early Records and Modern Evidence by Marjorie M. Halpin. This collection of essays is rigorously scientific. It covers the subject of Bigfoot, the windigo and other man-beasts on two fronts: the realm of folklore, plus the hard scientific evidence for their existence: footprints, hair samples, fecal matter and so on. Bigfoot Sasquatch: Evidence by Dr. Grover Krantz. Widely regarded as one of the most in-depth books to take a truly scientific look at Bigfoot. It examines all the evidence with an open mind, and lists reasons to believe in Bigfoot that skeptics tend to ignore or dismiss without testing.
The Psychic Sasquatch: And Their UFO Connection by Jack Lapseritis. This book of fringe cryptozoology was written by one of the major proponents of the extradimensional Bigfoot theory. According to this idea, the reason Bigfoot is so elusive and sometimes exhibits supernatural characteristics is because Bigfoot is really a visitor from a parallel universe. The Making of Bigfoot: The Inside Story by Greg Long. This would be a superb example of debunking, if not for two problems. Instead of trying to disprove Bigfoot in general, it focuses only on the Patterson film, and erroneously claims that the Bigfoot fad owes everything to Patterson. Also, several key witnesses have claimed that the author lied about interviewing them.
Meet the Sasquatch by Christopher L. Murphy. This introductory book summarizes the important facts about the Bigfoot phenomenon without spending too many pages on it, yet it also includes fresh information. Its is equally divided between stuff for believers and for skeptics. Notable for the large number of drawings and photographs, it is suitable for the coffee table, yet without being dumbed down like most coffee table books. The Maryland Bigfoot Digest: A Survey of Creature Sightings in the Free State by Mark Opsasnick. This book covers Maryland sightings of hairy humanoids, including Bigfoot-like monsters and some others, like Rabbitman, that sound more like urban legends.
The Locals: A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon by Thom Powell. A fresh look at Bigfoot reports from the Pacific Northwest area, concentrating on the details that provide the best proof. Where Bigfoot Walks : Crossing the Dark Divide by Robert Michael Pyle. A nature writer tells of his journey exploring Washington state's Dark Divide (a feature of the Cascade Mountains) in search of Bigfoot and beautiful scenery.
Bigfoot Across America by Philip Rife. This is a state-by-state rundown of one Bigfoot sighting after another. Caution: this twists the details of some reports (i.e. feline bipeds) to make them seem more like standard Bigfoot-type creatures. In the Big Thicket : On the Trail of the Wild Man : Exploring Nature's Mysterious Dimension by Rob Riggs. An investigation of weird events in East Texas and Southwestern Louisiana, mainly sightings of Bigfoot-like ape-men and ghost lights. The author takes the view that these are paranormal phenomena.
In Search of Giants: Bigfoot Sasquatch Encounters by Thomas Steenburg. A veteran Bigfoot researcher tells of the sightings he has collected during the last 20 years in western Canada. Most interviews are recorded verbatim, and there are statistics to show patterns. With very little preaching one way or the other, this book lets the sightings speak for themselves. Sasquatch Bigfoot: The Continuing Mystery by Thomas Steenburg. A veteran Bigfoot researcher tells of sightings in the province of Alberta, Canada. Most of these he investigated personally.
In Pursuit of a Legend: 72 Days in California Bigfoot Country by T. A. Wilson. The true story of a writer and a firefighter conducting amateur cryptozoology in the wilds of California. This is a nature book first and a cryptozoology book second, since it actually spends a lot of time discussing normal wildlife. Story in the Snow: Encounters With the Sasquatch by Lunetta Woods. This author tells of encounters between herself and Bigfoot (whom she thinks is paranormal) in the north woods of Wisconsin.

Bigfoot Documentaries:
Abominable Snowman (VHS) Known as the abominable snowman or the yeti, a strange ape-man is reputed to roam the wilds of the Himalaya Mountains. This documentary contains interviews with witnesses and scientists. Ancient Mysteries: Bigfoot (VHS) This documentary covers most important aspects of Bigfoot, including the original folklore behind Bigfoot, ancient historical accounts of Bigfoot, the current international fad that started in the 1950's, plus the famous Patterson footage of Bigfoot.
Ancient Mysteries: Bigfoot (DVD) The new DVD of the previous documentary. Hunt for Big Foot (VHS) This documentary shows data on the Bigfoot of the southern United States, also known as the skunk-ape or the swamp ape.
The Legend of Boggy Creek (DVD) Half documentary and half fiction, this cult classic is based on legends and eyewitness tales of the Fouke Monster, a Bigfoot-like creature said to live near Fouke, Missouri. Rocky Mountain Bigfoot: Is it Possible? (DVD) Filmed by an Emmy-winner, this documentary examines important sightings on location, and contains interviews with the experts and skeptics, including evidence from hair samples and footprint casts.
Sasquatch Odyssey: The Hunt for Bigfoot (VHS) Half of this is the story of the furor and fads surrounding the concept of Bigfoot- the dedicated Bigfoot hunters, the indignant scientists, and the kooks. The other half is a fairly good examination of the question of whether Bigfoot exists. Secrets of the Unknown: Big Foot (VHS) Witnesses who say they have seen Bigfoot are interviewed.

Bigfoot Movies:
The Abominable Snowman (DVD) A scientist leads an American showman into the Himalaya Mountains in search of the yeti. When the explorers start killings the yetis instead of capturing them for display, things start going badly wrong and the movie changes from sci-fi to horror. Bigfoot (DVD) A new (made in 2004) family film about Bigfoot. A Bigfoot is chased by hunters and becomes friends with a boy.
The Capture of Bigfoot (VHS) After people capture a baby Bigfoot, the adults get angry. This is 1970's-era b-movie cheese. Congo (DVD) In this mediocre film adaptation of an excellent novel, a new species of apes repeatedly attack the people who discovered them.
Creature From Black Lake (DVD) Two college students investigate a rural Louisiana swamp that is supposed to be home to a Bigfoot-like creature. This is a 1970's B horror movie. Harry and the Hendersons (VHS) This is probably the best Bigfoot movie ever, and certainly the best Bigfoot suit. A vacationing family hits a Bigfoot with their car. They take it home, thinking it dead, but it was only stunned. It soon awakes, with comic results.
Monsters, Inc. (DVD) A little girl wanders into the world of monsters, who are all afraid of her. The abominable snowman is a minor but memorable character. He appears during one scene when the two main characters end up in the Himalaya Mountains of our world. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (DVD) This is THE classic animated Rudolph movie. As Rudolph and his friends wander around the Arctic, the abominable snow monster makes a menace of himself until it is clear that Rudolph must confront him once and for all.
Sasquatch (DVD) After a plane crashes in Bigfoot territory, a Bigfoot begins killing the surviving passengers. Obviously, it is a horror movie. Sasquatch Hunters (DVD) In this mockumentary, scientists search for Bigfoot in the Pacific northwest, while various Bigfoot organizations lend a helping hand or just jump in to mess things up.
Sasquatch Horror: Triple Feature (DVD) Includes the rare cult classic Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot plus two other Bigfoot genre films, Snowbeast and The Snow Creature. Since these are old films, they are only "horror" in the most lightweight sense of the word. Snowbeast (DVD) This collection of three classic monster films includes Snowbeast, one of the earliest notable Bigfoot movies.
The Snow Creature (DVD) This AMC Monsterfest collection of two films includes The Snow Creature, a yeti movie made in 1954. They Call Him Sasquatch (DVD) A low-budget comedy about 15 people searching for the sasquatch.

Bigfoot Novels:
City of the Beasts by Isabel Allende. A delightful book for young adults, it tells of two teenagers traveling in the Amazon rainforest in search of the legendary 9-foot-tall ape men that are known to the locals as simply "beasts." Kingdom of the Golden Dragon by Isabel Allende. Teens Alexander and Nadia travel to the Himalaya Mountains looking for the mythical yetis. On the way, they must deal with jewel thieves and political intrigue.
Dark Justice by William Bernhardt. Attorney Ben Kincaid, the star of seven previous novels, is hired to prove a friend innocent in a murder case. However, everything is complicated by Bigfoot sightings and evil loggers. This book has an anti-logger slant that may offend. Congo by Michael Crichton. This book tells of the hunt for a new species of gorilla. This type of gorilla is very smart, and it likes to kill people. Ignore the gushing over "high tech" 1980's technology, and it is a great read. By the famed author of Jurassic Park.
Neanderthal: A Novel by John Darnton. Surviving neanderthals are discovered in a remote corner of Tadjikistan. Unfortunately, this discovery threatens their survival and the survival of the scientists who found them. Bigfoot by Richard Hoyt. A Russian scientist hires a detective and a shaman to help him find a Bigfoot on Mt. St. Helens.
Bigfoot Cinderrrrrella by Tony Johnston and James Warhola. A 32-page book retelling the Cinderella fairytale, with Bigfoots (or is that Bigfeet?) instead of humans. ESAU by Philip Kerr. A renegade mountain climber returns from an "off-limits" sacred Nepalese peak with a hominoid skull that is not a fossil. Scientists realize this must mean the yeti is real, so they start a top-secret expedition to capture a living yeti.
Dark Woods by Jay C. Kumar. A sheriff and three other people track a wounded Bigfoot. This book has an anti-environmentalist slant that may offend. Where Legends Roam by Lee Murphy. A billionaire hires a cryptozoology expert to capture a live sasquatch for display in a zoo.
Bigfoot by Steve Niles. A murderous sasquatch terrorizes a family during a camping trip. Years later, the boy, now grown, must return to the same area and confront his fears. In Me Own Words: The Autobiography of Bigfoot by Graham Roumieu. A funny graphic novel "written" by Bigfoot himself. Find out what Bigfoot thinks about modern life.
Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir by Graham Roumieu. The sequel to In Me Own Words describes Bigfoot's life as a star. The Hunt for Bigfoot: A Novel by Lisa A. Shiel. Bigfoot really exists in the woods of northern Michigan. The reason nobody has officially discovered these creatures is because they are protected by fierce guardians who use high technology.
Sasquatch by Roland Smith. This is a young adult novel about a team of investigators searching for Bigfoot during the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. Track of the Bigfoot: Book II of the Cryptids Trilogy by D. L. Tanner. Twenty years after seeing Bigfoot on a camping trip, an investigator gets a chance to go on an expedition to prove the existence of Bigfoot.

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