The Cryptid Zoo: Cryptozoology Organizations

Famous Organizations and Publications:

The International Society of Cryptozoology, based in Tucson, Arizona, publishes a newsletter called ISC Newsletter on a quarterly basis. It also publishes a larger, 150-page periodical that appears slightly less often than a year, titled Cryptozoology. Both publications are received by all ISC members.

The British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club has a newletter that is produced quarterly, called CryptoNews.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization maintains an excellent online database of Bigfoot sightings, called The Geographic Database of Bigfoot Sightings & Reports.

International Bigfoot Society (formerly the Western Bigfoot Society) publishes a newsletter called The Track Record 10 times a year.

The Nesspaper is a monthly newsletter produced by the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club of Scotland, UK.

The Vietnam Cryptozoic and Rare Animals Research Centre is the organization that has been most successful in actually discovering new species of animal. It is particularly notable for a number of recently discovered large mammals.

Magonia - a British magazine devoted to UFOs, cryptozoology, and Forteana

Strange Magazine, Fortean Times and FATE are three publications devoted to the bizarre and uncanny, and all of them often include material on lake monsters or other cryptozoological creatures.

Less-Known Organizations and Publications:

The British Big Cats Society Official Website keeps track of big cat sightings in Britain, including the hypothetical British lynx, and advocates their protection.

Wyrd Magazine

East Texas Bigfoot Independent Study

Friends of Bigfoot

Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization

Michigan Bigfoot Information Center

The Northwest Bigfoot Research Foundation

Bigfoot News Wire

Sasquatch Information Society

Texas Bigfoot Research Center

Chattahoochee Bigfoot Organization

West Coast Sasquatch Research

Western Canadian Research Organization

Winnipeg River Sasquatch Association

Operation Nightscream: Sasquatch and Bigfoot Researchers

The Cryptozoology Emporium contains large lists of cryptozoology-related books and films, limited generally to those items that are in print.

Descriptions of other cryptozoology newsletters, periodicals and organizations can be found in the book Cryptozoology A-Z by Loren Coleman & Jerome Clark, pages 47-48, 63-64, 74-75, 101, 119, 123, 240-241, 245-246, 260-261

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