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"Champ" is the name applied to the creature or creatures that are supposed to inhabit Lake Champlain, a body of water over 100 miles long that is bordered by the American states of Vermont and New York and by Quebec in Canada. Champ has been sighted regularly for over four hundred years, according to records, and American Indian tribes from the area have even older legends of this beast, which they called chousarou or tatoskok.

Supposedly, the first white person to see Champ was Samuel de Champlain, the discoverer of the lake and its namesake. However, some people question this bit of history, since his original sighting report seems to have grown larger over the years, and has certainly evolved some ancillary legends.

Champ is generally described as a typical lake monster, with a long, serpentine body, a horse-shaped head, and a length of either twenty feet or forty feet. The length is quite variable depending on which reports you consider to be more accurate, with everything from 10 to 187 feet being recorded. Of course, some say that the shorter lengths indicate juveniles of the species. Just like with Nessie, quite a number of controversial photos exist, as well as videotapes, with many of these being impressive enough to make the experts argue with each other, but none clear enough to really settle the issue. Enough people consider the monster to be real that they have pushed through laws that make it illegal to kill or harrass Champ.

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