The Cryptid Zoo: Giant Sharks

A giant shark caught near Cuba. The measured length is currently disputed. This photo is widespread on the Internet and it is unclear who owns the picture copyright.

Really big sharks have been reported by many eyewitnesses, according to the records of cryptozoology. One species, the megamouth shark, has been declared real by science. Only eleven bodies have been found in the last thirty years and little is known of this shark. The megamouth grows to over fifteen feet long. However, the megamouth shark does not seem to explain all sightings of giant sharks.

Reports describing sharks of up to 100 feet long have been unconfirmed so far. People refer to the biggest of the giant sharks as "megalodons," because they are supposed to be members of an extinct species of giant shark called Carcharodon megalodon. Other reports seem to describe yet other types of giant shark, including an enormous version of the cookie-cutter shark.

One piece of evidence suggesting the existence of giant sharks is globsters, controversial carcasses that wash up on beaches. Many of these get labeled as badly rotted basking sharks by scientists, though a fair number of them are longer than the accepted length that any sharks are known to reach.

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