The Cryptid Zoo: Hairy Dwarfs

Hairy dwarfs are a variety of hairy humanoid that is shorter than the average human. Unlike the more normal types of hairy humanoid such as Bigfoot, hairy dwarfs are technologically adept. In reported sightings, hairy dwarfs often wear clothing, use tools, and can even speak.

In fact, they are often associated with UFOs. In the early days of the UFO craze, witnesses often reported that the aliens were hairy dwarfs instead of the classic "grays" that seem to be most popular today. In time, hairy dwarf reports became much less common. Hairy dwarfs are hardly ever reported today.

Because of their association with UFOs and high technology, hairy dwarfs are generally kept separate from another miniature Bigfoot-type creature, the proto-pygmy, a creature that has behaviors more typical of a mystery primate or primitive human. Sometimes hairy dwarfs are linked with reports of larger hairy humanoids that are either reported as occupying UFOs or are seen in the same areas as UFOs and only when a current UFO scare is underway. Some of these larger hairy humanoids are quite bizarre, including even such things as werewolves.

Hairy dwarfs are rarely investigated by researchers working in the field of cryptozoology. They sound pretty silly, for one thing. Also, they seem to be part of a different field of rogue science, ufology. Most cryptozoologists would rather let the ufologists take care of hairy dwarfs.

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