The Cryptid Zoo: Lake Worth Monster

The Lake Worth monster reportedly appeared to many people in Lake Worth, Texas during 1969. It was described as looking a bit like a white-furred ape, except that it often had fish scales and goat features, making it look something like a satyr. It had goat legs, scales on its face and hands, and was an excellent swimmer. When chased, it prefered to retreat into the water. These characteristics make it seem as if it is related to the mermaid tradition as well. The Lake Worth monster thus combines a mermaid, a satyr and Bigfoot all in one creature.

Even though its appearance is extremely bizarre, there was so much evidence for this cryptid that these reports ended up getting taken very seriously by many researchers. Some people have tried to resolve the obvious biological absurdities involved in this big hairy monster by concluding that there were at least two varieties, with one being more like a normal Bigfoot. Other believers explained away the hooves and scales by deciding that the Lake Worth monster was a normal Bigfoot suffering from some scaley skin disease and/or had club feet.

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Lake Worth Monster

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