The Cryptid Zoo: Mokele-Mbembe

African folklore from the Congo describes an animal that seems exactly like a small sauropod dinosaur. This creature lives in the most remote swamps. It is about the same size as an elephant and it is a herbivore, but it will jealously defend its territory against hippos and humans. Reports of the animal's behavior, appearance and diet are remarkably consistent, suggesting that this may be a real animal. The regions where mokele-mbembe lives seem like excellent hippo habitat, but these areas are mysteriously devoid of hippos. This lends credence to the reports of Congo natives. The Congo has been the home of many animals that were only recently discovered by science. If a living dinosaur exists somewhere, the Congo is where we would expect to find it.

The mokele-mbembe is often confused with the emela-ntouka. The mokele-mbembe is identical, or nearly identical, to several other African cryptids, including the badigui, a monster supposed to inhabit the Brouchouchou River and the Gounda River in the Central African Republic.

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