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The term "momo" has been applied to many types of hairy humanoid reported in or near Missouri, even when the appearance of the creature in one sighting varies considerably from the appearance of the creature belonging to a different sighting. Like the term "Bigfoot," the word "momo" has become something of a catch-all category. However, just as we can describe the classic Bigfoot, we can also describe the classic momo.

The classic momo has a more consistent appearance and was the subject of a two-week scare in 1972. It seems to be a red-eyed big hairy monster, about six feet tall, covered with black fur. It leaves tracks that have just three gigantic toes. Its face does not look like Bigfoot or other ape-men, its overall head shape is compared to a pumpkin, and its stench is so extreme that a close encounter can cause vomiting in people and dogs.

It is aggressive and predatory, sometimes seen covered with the blood of its prey or clutching a dead dog. It growls loudly, acts as if it is trying to scare people, and might be particularly upset about ceremonies related in some way to Christianity. In its general behavior and appearance, it seems to fall somewhere between werewolves and skunk-apes.

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