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Old Yellow Top is not the name for a class of creatures. Instead, it appears to be just one individual, since the descriptions from different sightings sound the same and since the sightings cover a time period that could fit within the lifespan of one individual. As far as it has been possible to discern the evidence, Old Yellow Top is a Bigfoot with blonde hair, just on top of the head. He has been sighted repeatedly near the town of Cobalt, in Ontario, Canada. The first sightings date to 1906 or 1907 (records are not clear) and it seems that the last sightings happened in the 1970s.

Old Yellow Top is one of a trio of famous individual Bigfoots with names (or at least, distinctive labels). The other two famous individuals are the "Bossburg cripple" that left a trail of distinctive, hard-to-fake footprints in northeastern Washington state, and "Patty," a female Bigfoot featured in the famous Patterson film, deemed by experts as the Bigfoot film that is least likely to be a fake. Old Yellow Top's abnormal markings are typical of a subclass of Bigfoot-type creatures that are dubbed marked hominids.

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