The Cryptid Zoo: Reptilian Bipeds (or Reptoids)

Reptile people or reptoids, similar to this Gorn from Star Trek, are reported in legends as well as existing in fiction. This screenshot is copyrighted by those who own the copyright to the TV series.
Are lizard men too weird for cryptozoology? Almost. Humanoids with animal characteristics, sometimes called manimals, are reported quite frequently in the literature of cryptozoology and anomalous phenomena. The most famous of these is Bigfoot, who appears to be somewhere between ape and man. The most heavily studied humanoids in cryptozoology all look like cousins of Bigfoot. In other words, they seem like they could be undiscovered primates, or perhaps even primitive humans.

But not every legendary humanoid is as normal as Bigfoot. Reptile people are one of the weirder varieties. Although far less common than Bigfoot sightings, these reptilian manimals have still caught the interest of investigators. They are often linked with both ancient legends of dragons and the modern alien abduction fad. These reptile people are generally called reptilian bipeds, reptilians, or reptoids.

Whenever these beings are interpreted as aliens, demons or shapeshifters, they tend to be of less interest to cryptozoologists. When they are interpreted as dragons or earthly animals of some sort, they become slightly more interesting to cryptozoologists. In either case, there is not a great deal of interest in reptoids in the mainstream cryptozoology community. Most of the stuff being written about reptoids comes from fringe cryptozoologists, UFO researchers and paranormal investigators.

Still, despite the sheer weirdness of reptoids, or maybe because of it, there are quite a lot of sightings. The sheer volume of eyewitness reports has sometimes caused mainstream cryptozoologists to look into the problem, trying to find an explanation. Just like the case with hairy humanoids, reptilian humanoids can boast of a long pedigree in folklore and mythology in addition to the modern sightings. Widespread Asian lore tells of Nagas, royal snake people. Japanese lore tells about a type of humanoid combining reptile and primate anatomy, called the kappa. And the list can go on seemingly forever. Dragon people, snake people and lizard people can be found in just about every culture's mythology, if you dig deep enough.

Many of these legends describe reptilian humanoids as living underground or having a strong connection to the water, as do some modern reports. This has led some cryptozoologists to classify reptoids with mermaids and mermen, sometimes using the aquatic ape theory. Other theories describe reptoids as intelligent descendants of the dinosaurs. This intelligent dinosauroid theory is often combined with other highly fringe ideas, suggesting that human history has been guided all along by quasi-sinister reptilian overlords who genetically engineered humans.

In fact, the idea that reptoids secretly rule the world is widespread, well outside the intelligent dinosauroid theory or anything else that can pass as normal cryptozoology. Paranormal investigators who believe in reptoids tend to paint them as the original demons, scarier than any religious mythology. These demons are sometimes defined in quasi-religious, quasi-supernatural terms, often as inhabitants of an alternate dimension of reality.

In short, it is possible to start the study of reptoids well within the confines of cryptozoology, but it is hard to keep reptoids there. Reptoids are just a bit too fringe, even for a scientific disipline like cryptozoology that is often considered to be part of fringe science.

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