The Cryptid Zoo: Sky Serpents

Sky serpents are snakes or elongated serpentine dragons that appear to float or fly in the air. They typically move in an undulating fashion, as if they are sea serpents of the air. They are not the same as ordinary flying dragons, because they manage to fly without wings, like most Asian dragons that have the ability to fly. Sky serpents are sighted all over the world, including America during the twentieth century.

Some sky serpents look very much like ordinary snakes, except that they are huge and in the wrong place. Other sky serpents have some dragon features, including the ability to breathe fire or lightning. Sky serpents are so weird that if they are real at all, it is hard to imagine how they might be natural animals. Unless they are really atmospheric beasts or perhaps UFOs that are somehow disguised as living creatures, it would seem that sky serpents must be relegated to the realm of the supernatural. Therefore, not many cryptozoologists are interested in them. When scientists working in the field of cryptozoology do become interested, they usually decide that these creatures must have wings if they are able to fly, and then decide that they are really dealing with giant bats or something similar.

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