Romero's Dead Series: Pinnacle of the Zombie Genre

Night of the Living Dead (Millennium Edition) (DVD) This 1968 classic tells of zombies who can create more of their kind through bites. A group of humans retreat to a farmhouse and try to survive the zombie onslaught. Dawn of the Dead (DVD) This sequel tells of survivors who hole up inside a shopping mall in order to escape from onslaughts of the living dead. Although looting creates a luxurious, if cramped, lifestyle, the zombies are destined to break in sooner or later.
Day of the Dead (DVD) In the third film, zombies have finally caused the total collapse of civilization. Surviving humans are rare, but some of the last are in a military base, working on solving the zombie problem. Land of the Dead (DVD) The fourth film tells of the human survivors, who have divided into an upper class that lives in luxury and a lower class that scavenges for the upper class, while the zombies are starting to show signs of intelligence.

The Rest of the Zombie Movies:

28 Days Later (DVD) A man who has been in a coma wakes up to find that the world was zombified by a plague while he was unconscious. Banding together with a few other normal survivors, he seeks to survive and find more help. The Alien Dead (DVD) A meteor sets off a plague of backwoods redneck zombies. Super low budget cheese for fans of bad movies only.
All Souls Day (DVD) The dead in a Mexican town rise annually, seeking vengeance for a deed that happened many years ago. These zombies have an Aztec flavor, and their bites aren't infectious, but if you die on the cursed ground, you'll join them. The Beyond (DVD) In this gory treat for fans of the extreme horror filmmaker Lucio Fulci, the dead spill out of hell through a doorway in New Orleans. Once free of hell, they settle down to killing the living in the usual zombie style. City Of The Living Dead might be a different version of this film.
Bio Zombie (DVD) A silly zombie movie with plenty of gore. A biochemical formula transforms people at a mall into zombies, but it is really an excuse for teenage mayhem and lots of pop-culture references. Bubba Ho-Tep (DVD) In this deliberately campy piece of cheese, Elvis and JFK (both still alive but elderly) live in a nursing home that has become the target of a soul-sucking Egyptian cowboy zombie.
Burial Ground - Night of Terror (DVD) An archeologist in Italy disturbs the wrong tomb, and looses a horde of zombies. Like usual, these zombies want to kill live humans. Carnival of Souls (DVD) This is a 1960's cult classic. A church organ player moves from Kansas to Utah. Along the way she is tormented by otherworldly happenings and a zombie who follows her everywhere.
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things! (DVD) While actors stay on an island, their boss decides to perform a ceremony to raise the dead, as a joke. The dead do rise, and they then attempt to kill the living. Corpse Bride (DVD) In this Tim Burton film, a nervous groom-to-be botches his wedding rehearsal and then practices his lines in the woods. Unfortunately, a partially rotten dead woman thinks the vows were directed at her, and announces that she is now his legal wife. Can the young man get rid of his zombie bride?
Dawn of the Dead (The Remake) (DVD) This remake of Romero's 1978 classic has faster-moving zombies and better special effects. It tends to please everyone except the nitpickers. Day of the Dead 2 - Contagium (DVD) This amateur film has nothing to do with Day of the Dead. Bacteria that causes people to become zombies spreads through a hospital, years after a previous zombie outbreak in the same hospital.
Dead Alive (DVD) Probably the grossest movie ever made. An overly meek man cares for his zombie mother after she dies from the bite of a rat-monkey, but his mother converts too many other people into zombies and it is a real mess to take care of them all. Dead and Buried (DVD) Violent, unsolved murders keep happening in a small town, and the murder victims always rise again as the walking dead.
Death Becomes Her (DVD) A woman takes a magic potion that is supposed to make her into an immortal who is forever young. Only too late does she realize that the potion made her into a well-preserved example of the walking dead. She will not rot, but she will never heal from injuries, so she is destined to eventually crumble away. Evil Dead (DVD) The original Sam Raimi classic. Ash and his friends go to a backwoods cabin for a nice vacation, but then Ash's friends become "deadites" and he has to kill them all to save his own life.
Evil Dead II (DVD) This "sequel" is actually a remake of the original, but with several twists, including a better budget and a change from serious horror to a horror/comedy. It still has plenty of gore, because the humor element does not eliminate the horror. Army of Darkness (DVD) Continuing with the comedy angle, this third movie in the Evil Dead series has Ash time-traveling in order to battle an army of the medieval dead. Also see the graphic novel adaptation of the film.
The Fog (DVD) Every hundred years, the dead lepers from a wrecked ship rise again to punish the townspeople. This is because the original townspeople sunk their ship rather than be exposed to the disease. House of the Dead (DVD) Teenagers attend an island rave, and find that this party is infested with zombies. Based on a video game.
Junk (DVD) Thieves meet with the mob at an abandoned army base to sell their stolen jewels. However, this base is infested with zombies that were created by the army. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (DVD) Alternate titles include The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue and Don't Open the Window. A new method of killing insects creates zombies. A police detective comes to investigate the brutal deaths that result, and he runs into the only people who know the truth.
My Boyfriend's Back (DVD) This zombie romantic comedy tells of a teenager who dies saving the life of his sweetheart. Then he returns, ready to woo her, but soon discovers that he is not really alive, he is just a zombie. Pet Sematary (DVD) An Indian burial ground located just beyond a graveyard for pets will bring anything buried there back to life. A father buries his childrens' cat there to humor a neighbor, and it comes back as a mean zombie cat. Then, his son dies and he tries the same trick.
Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (Special Edition) (DVD) Undead pirates roam the seas, trying to gather the last of the stolen Aztec gold that cursed them into a zombie state so that they can become normal again. A high-class lady, a young sword-maker and another pirate get drawn into this plan. The Plague of the Zombies (DVD) A doctor comes to a small British village to investigate a plague. While there, he discovers that the dead are being raised by an evil aristocrat in order to be slave labor in a mine.
Resident Evil (Deluxe Edition) (DVD) Based on the popular video game. Commandos are sent to investigate a mysterious disaster in a top-secret underground lab, where they discover zombies created by a virus. Resident Evil II: Apocalypse (DVD) This sequel is about a survivor from the first film trying to cope in a zombified world, joining up with other characters from the popular video game.
Resident Evil Boxed Set (DVD) Both movies are included in this set. Return of the Living Dead (DVD) A horror comedy spoof of Romero's classic film Night of the Living Dead. Toxic gas released from a cremated zombie causes all the nearby dead to rise as zombies.
Return of the Living Dead II (DVD) In this sequel, more toxic gas gets loose, this time from the military, and a large area becomes filled with zombies. The survivors must battle zombies and run from the trigger-happy army. Return of the Living Dead III (DVD) A comedic gothic romance about a guy who is still in love with his dead zombie girlfriend.
The Serpent and the Rainbow (DVD) Based on the famous nonfiction book, The Serpent and the Rainbow by Wade Davis. A researcher travels to Haiti to unlock the screts of Voodoo zombies. Shaun of the Dead (DVD) This British film is about slackers reluctantly facing a zombie outbreak. Its style of horror-comedy is often compared to the humor found in An American Werewolf in London.
Shock Waves (DVD) Shipwreck survivors take refuge with a retired Nazi, only to discover that his experiments have resulted in an entire troop of water-dwelling Nazi zombies. The Stuff (DVD) An addictive new dessert that looks like whip cream is really a form of life. This alien creature eventually takes over the minds of those who eat it, turning them into zombies.
Tombs of the Blind Dead & Return of the Blind Dead (Double Feature) (DVD) The notorious templars of legend come back as zombies. In the first film, a girl ends up in the secret city of zombie templars and her friends come to look for her. In the sequel, the zombie templars take revenge against the town that killed them. White Zombie (DVD) Based on the traditional Voodoo idea of zombies. A woman arrives in an oddly empty town, only to discover that a sorcerer runs everything with his undead workers.
Zombie Death House (DVD) Zombie prison inmates vs. a mad scientist and the mob. Zombie Honeymoon (DVD) Right after Denise and Danny were married, Danny was mauled by a zombie. Then he died and became a zombie himself. Now, Denise must decide whether to abandon her husband in this sort-of comedy. See the official site for more information about the film.

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