Welcome to my collection of zombie movies, zombie novels and other zombie material. Look for short stories and graphic novels by clicking on "fiction", find legends about voodoo zombies or books of film criticism under "nonfiction", or see zombie RPG games, video games and other miscellaneous items by clicking on "other".

Zombie Links:

Encyclopedia Article About Zombies - this article covers the history of zombies in voodoo, mythology, philosophy, medicine, films and novels.

The Ultimate Zombie Book List - despite its name, this is more of a general zombie site, with a message board, author interviews and zombie links.
Zombie Chat:
Living with Zombies Forum

The Ultimate Zombie Book List Message Board

Unpleasant Street Forums

Horrorfind Forums

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The Definitive Zombie Movie List - a large website, listing zombie films plus movies involving other types of walking dead such as mummies and the Frankenstein monster.

Zombies on the Web - information about zombies in philosophy, Haitian folklore and modern fiction.

Zombie Infection Simulation - play online zombie games.

I Love Zombies - contains information about zombie movies, games, comic books, novels and general zombie information.

Zombies - zombie varieties and defitions of each type.

Wikipedia Article on Zombies - extensive information on every major aspect of zombies in Voodoo, film and fiction.

Zombies - a free open source computer game.

The Zombie Films Category at Yahoo.com

The Zombie Links Section at Yahoo.com

Zombie Lore - discussion of every aspect of zombies, including zombie movie reviews and information on upcoming zombie films.

The Horror Films Links Category on DMOZ, the open directory

Zombies - a free online comic by Eric Maziade.

Living with Zombies - a free online comic by Matt Billman & Christopher Herndon.

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