The Cryptid Zoo: Anomalous Animals

This section of the Cryptid Zoo is a catch-all category. It holds all those beings that are neither humanoid, draconic, extinct animals, or normal animals that are simply in an odd place. What is left after you subtract all the above cryptids is anomalous animals: regular animals with something odd about them that means they are likely to belong to no presently known species.

As a result, this category holds many of the most normal cryptids. The animals listed below are not weird monsters like Mothman. They are ordinary enough that they stand a fair chance of being declared real by science someday. Indeed, some of them, such as the king cheetah, already have been accepted by science.

Studying these animals presents many problems. These cryptids are certainly rare, when they do exist. If they end up being declared real, they will often need immediate protection in order to avoid becoming extinct. In fact, some of them might be so elusive precisely because they have become extinct within the last few years. Yet mainstream science is seldom ready to accept the existence of a new species without a body, and capture of a live animal can be very difficult. People investigating these animals are often torn between two desires: the desire to kill an animal instead of merely photographing it so that they will have their proof, and the desire to avoid harming the cryptid so as to preserve the few animals that may be left.

Air Rods
Beast of Gevaudan
Doyarchu (or Irish Crocodile)
Emela-ntouka (or "Killer of Elephants")
  • Blue and Black Tigers
  • Eastern Cougar
  • King Cheetahs
  • Marozi (or Spotted Lion)
  • Mexican Ruffed Cat
  • Mngwa (or Gray Cat)
  • Onza
  • Sumatran Lion (or Cigau)
  • Gigantic Animals:
  • Ahool, Olitiau and Giant Bats
  • Buru, Giant Lizards and Giant Crocodiles
  • Giant Hogs
  • Giant Monkey
  • Giant Octopus
  • Giant Salamanders
  • Giant Sharks
  • Giant Snakes
  • Giant Turtles
  • Kraken (or Giant Squid)
  • Thunderbird
  • Roc
  • Golden Moon Bear
    Helena Manatee
    Horned Animals:
  • Horned Cats
  • Horned Snakes
  • Jackalope
  • Howler Monkey Snake
    Inflatable Hedgehog
    Kouprey (or Cambodian Wild Ox)
    Mainland Orangutan
    Mirapinna and other Hairy Fish
    Mongolian Death Worm (or Olgoi-Khorkhoi)
    Nandi Bear
    Pygmy Elephant
    Tapire-iauara (a Semi-aquatic Hoofed Carnivore)
    Ufiti (or Malawi Chimpanzee)
    Vu Quang Ox (or Saola)
    Waitoreke (or Maori Otter)

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