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The angels of cryptozoology and the angels of theology are two very different things. Cryptozoologists are only interested in angels if they turn out to be a separate race or species of humans. When cryptozoologists are interested in angels, they base their ideas mainly on the descriptions of the "sons of God" and Nephilim that are found in the early part of the chapter of Genesis in the Bible. These angels sound like humans, or at least they sound humanoid. Like the yeti, they can interbreed with humans, and they are by far the most carnal of all angels mentioned in the Bible.

These ideas are usually linked up with other theories about advanced civilizations existing in prehistoric times. These theories cast angels as a separate race or species of humans, perhaps homo erectus, that jump-started the civilizations of homo sapiens and served as our rulers, until their downfall. In other words, these theories are just like the "ancient astronaut" theories about aliens, except that they replace aliens with an earthly race or species of humans.

In the field of fringe cryptozoology, angels and demons are classified as the same sort of thing. Cryptozoology doesn't make the distinction that theology makes between fallen angels and normal angels. From the standpoint of cryptozoology, people are only concerned with what sort of creature something might be, not whether it is bad or good. Thus, you will find fairies lumped into this theory too, since in folklore fairies are another race of powerful humanoids.

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