The Cryptid Zoo: Gargoyles in Cryptozoology

Technically, gargoyles are those grotesque stone statues found on gothic cathedrals, often used to disguise waterspouts as fantastic beasts. Less technically, cryptozoologists use the term to describe various cryptids that resemble these stone statues, cryptids that would otherwise be problematic to name. In this sense, gargoyles are roughly humanoid monsters with leathery, bat-like wings. Most of them resemble the popular conceptions people have about demons, but since cryptozoologists seldom investigate the supernatural, they would rather call these creatures "gargoyles" than "demons."

One example is the gargoyle of Glastonbury, a creature that is said to haunt those researchers who dig too deeply into the mysteries surrounding the legendary king Arthur. Gargoyles are sometimes lumped in with reptoids, as a rare few reptoids are supposed to be winged. However, gargoyles sometimes fit into the "winged reptoid" category rather badly, as they do not necessarily look very reptilian, and they often possess behavioral traits and other characteristics that are not associated with reptoids. Needless to say, gargoyles seem more like supernatural beings than real animals, and therefore they seldom get serious attention from cryptozoologists.

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