The Cryptid Zoo: Landbound Dragons and Dragon-like Creatures

These recreations of extinct reptilian herbivores from the documentary 'Walking with Monsters' look similar to the creatures in some reports of landbound draconic cryptids. This screenshot is copyrighted by those who own the copyright to the film.
Most of the draconic creatures of cryptozoology are inhabitants of the water or air. Only a few prefer the land and lack wings. Most of these are interpreted by cryptozoologists as being giant lizards or possible living dinosaurs, though some could also be salamanders, snakes or other things altogether. Most landbound dragons have been relegated largely to the realm of mythology and folklore. Unlike their aquatic cousins, sea serpents and lake monsters, landbound dragons are mostly ignored in the discipline of cryptozoology.

Buru, Giant Lizards and Giant Crocodiles
Classic Dragons (Western Cultures)
Classic Dragons (Non-Western Cultures)

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