The Cryptid Zoo: Other Humanoids

Reptile people or reptoids, similar to this Gorn from Star Trek, are reported in legends as well as existing in fiction. This screenshot is copyrighted by those who own the copyright to the TV series.
This page contains all those humanoid cryptids that fall outside the two great divisions of hairy humanoids (creatures like Bigfoot) and winged humanoids (creatures like Mothman). Since this is a catch-all category, the beings in it will often have little in common with each other. You will find some creatures that have drawn a great deal of interest from mainstream scientists, namely aliens, along with cryptids that are seldom taken very seriously even in the field of cryptozoology, namely mermaids.

Dover Demon
Gourd Head
Loveland Frogs
Mermaids and Mermen
Reptilian Bipeds (or Reptoids)

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