The Cryptid Zoo: Winged Humanoids

Winged humanoids of some type or another have been reported for thousands of years, from the ancient myth of Icarus to modern sightings of Mothman.
Warren Worthington III aka 'Angel' from 'X-Men - The Last Stand' looks much like some reported sightings of winged humanoids. This image is copyrighted to those who own the copyright of the film.
These creatures seem less plausible than many cryptids, but these biologically absurd characteristics don't make these reports any less persistent. People keep on claiming to see these things.

"Scientific" explanations have ranged from actual humans in costumes complete with working artificial wings to escaped genetic experiments from alien spacecraft, but these beings seem to defy science, lending themselves more to supernatural explanations. Therefore, only a few of these cryptids have been subjected to serious investigations by cryptozoologists.

Chupacabras (only some are winged)
Winged Men

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